Vision Mission
Who We Are

The word Bethel means – the house of God. But we’re not just a pretty building in Rochester’s downtown arts district. Bethel is YOU…where God resides. We are a community that reveals Christ’s love and demonstrates His power everywhere we go.

Our community is full of real people, the kind of folks with gritty pasts and genuine testimonies of what God has done. We can’t judge you because we were probably worse off than you before we met Jesus. We’re a safe place, where you don’t have to clean up your act before you walk in the door.

Come as you are but expect to leave changed.

Transformations happen at Bethel, because the Holy Spirit moves freely and we expect miracles. We are a place of healing, of restoration, and forgiveness. You can find HOPE here – you just have to come home.

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The Bigger Picture

The people at Bethel recognize that we are a part of a larger, regional body of followers of Jesus Christ, that can work and pray in unity to effect supernatural change in Rochester and Western New York. Because we are a non-denominational church, we can reach out, support, plant and partner with a variety of neighboring churches and ministries.

We are a Five-Fold Ministry equipping and sending center, which means that Bethel operates as an apostolic hub in our region, often exporting or lending out ministry teams, worship leaders and musicians, teachers, etc to other local ministries to support them and minister to their communities. People from many different churches attend our School of Ministry classes, which revive Biblical instruction on how every believer is to operate in the five ministry gifts.

Lifenet Apostolic Network

Lifenet Apostolic Network (LAN) was created by Pastor Ron Domina Sr. as a way to network churches and ministries with the purpose of extending the influence of the Kingdom of God into every sphere of culture and to counsel and assist those who desire to move into an apostolic paradigm as outlined in Ephesians 4:11. Today, LAN consists of leaders from nearly twenty churches and para-church ministries from Syracuse to Buffalo and from Rochester to Binghamton. They meet monthly and plan regional conferences and events.