Revival is Coming!

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Revival is Coming!

Somebody needs to take courage, and look at your country with a new perception. I know there are preachers everywhere condemning your country. Speaking doom on this country. Saying bad things, they are always negative. I want to say this to you – don’t listen to them! Listen to THIS African preacher today. Look at America with the eye of faith, and I stand here today in the name of Jesus to say God bless America. God bless America. Are you hearing me? God bless America.

I’m not just saying it, I feel it in me, I feel it in my spirit, I sleep late at night mentioning your country to God. God bless America for so many reasons. Another one you have to understand, the devil would have nothing to do with your country if your country were not important. America is important because the righteous are here.

When the angels of God were going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, and they came to Abraham, he knew there was a righteous man there. He said, “what if there are so many righteous?” They said, “then we cannot destroy.” “How about if there are so many?” “We can’t destroy.” Even if he went up to the one person, I’m sure the angels were going to say, “we cannot destroy.” You are here. You’re the righteous people. God cannot destroy you. You are precious. For your sake, God is doing something about your nation.

America has been a single nation that has supported orphans and the destitute in time of disasters all over the world. You’ve given your money more than any other country. God cannot destroy you. And for this reason, I say God bless America. You have taken care of orphans in Malawi. Without your help, I don’t know what I would be doing with those children. Money is coming from Bethel every month, faithfully. Not only Malawi, there are other men, in other countries, which are there, doing good, because America is behind them. God bless America. Most of the schools we went to in Africa were built by missionaries and sponsors from this country. And hospitals. God bless America. God bless you.

Well, bad things may happen, and usually when God allows certain things to happen, they are for the good of the Kingdom of God. We learn a lot from shortcomings, from the negatives. For the positive. We learn a lot. Don’t be distracted. Don’t be fearful. Don’t cover your heads and say, “Lord, what will happen?” God has an answer on His table for America. He has His answer. Look at your nation with a positive eye. Have the eye of faith.

Somebody here needs to tear your roof and believe God for something. Tear your roof. You need to tear your roof of doubt and fear. The roof of doubt and fear needs to be torn apart, because God is working on something. Jesus talked a lot about the bad things that will happen in the world in the end times. There’ll be famines, there’ll be this, there’ll be all these things, there’ll be crime and all sorts of things. But. I’ve got some good news. In this time, in this very awkward time, there is a revival that is coming to this country again. I know the devil can do a lot of things, but he can’t stand against the river of the Holy Spirit when God releases a revival. And I tell you, revival is falling again. As I preach now, the tide is rising. The tide is rising. The tide is rising.

When our rivers in Africa overflood, they carry everything. Some homes are broken down and their roofs are carried. You walk in the river, you be swept away. That’s the revival I’m talking about. Revival is coming. People will be more aware of God than the negatives the devil is doing. If you believe it, say Amen. (amen) Oh, your amen looks crippled. Say Amen! (Amen!) When sin increase, the Bible says, grace shall abound even more. Even more. In the name of Jesus. I’m talking about a revival that’s going to start a ministry of signs and wonders. A revival that’s going to make churches to grow in every corner. A revival that’ll make every home spiritual, filled with the Holy Ghost, and the power of God. A revival. It’s coming. It’s coming.

When God begins to move, everything moves. Everything moves. the rebellious become obedient. The stubborn are broken. When God begins to move. I’ve read the history of Rochester. This is where Charles Finney came. In those days I understand, from what I read, there were bars around and there were some other things. When Charles Finney came and preached, every bar in Rochester closed. And some years later, somebody came passing through Rochester and he was very thirsty, and he asked one of the villagers, “don’t you have a bar anywhere close by so I can grab some beer and drink?” That person said, “well, we used to have bars here, but came a man called Charles Finney. When he preached around, bars were closed. ” God is not done yet. God is not done yet. Halleluiah God is not done yet.

Another revival is coming. Which will include men and women, boys and girls. As I conclude, doesn’t the Bible say, “in the last days, says the Lord I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh”? Men and women shall prophesy. Young men shall see visions, old men shall dream dreams. Nobody is left out. Someone will be dreaming heavenly dreams. Someone will get to see visions. Someone will begin to prophesy. And I want to say from this moment, begin a revival in this church. And begin to prophesy over your nation. Prophesy. Speak the life of God. Speak the fear of God. Prophesy over your family. Prophesy over your church. Prophesy. See visions, see dreams. Because we are in the last days.

I tell you I’m a great believer in the fulfillment of everything God has said in His word. I believe it. Somebody say I believe…I believe it. Halleluiah, halleluiah. Let the words and the talk that comes from your mouth be a prophesy. Don’t speak doom over your country anymore. Don’t castigate people. Speak life, speak blessing, because God is about to give you the possession of your confession. Did you hear me? God is about to give you the possession of your confession. If you say “I’m dying soon,” you’ll be dying soon. Because God respects what comes from you. If you say “I am poor,” you’ll be poor. Well “we are blessed, man,” you are blessed. You are going too be blessed. “I am healed,” you’ll be healed. “I am delivered,” you’ll be delivered. Don’t cry with the cryin. Some people always crying…don’t cry with the crying. Have the language of faith. Walk tall. Amen!

One of my leaders in church comes to the airport to welcome me when I am coming from abroad. He says, “when people are coming down the ladder, I can spot you out from a distance, that that is the bishop.” I said “why?” He said “the way you walk you look different from everybody else.” I walk majestically. I look like…[struts]

Don’t whine, don’t cry, don’t grumble like the pharisees. Have a language of faith. Speak life into existence. Speak blessing, release blessing. Give hope to the hopeless. That’s what God is calling you to do.

– Bishop Samuel Mkisi
Visiting from Mzuzu, Malawi, June 28, 2015

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