Come Home to Bethel


Join the family!

You don’t need to become a member to fellowship and receive teaching at Bethel Christian Fellowship. (Although we do love our Bethelites!)
Membership is a formalized sign of the commitment in an individual’s heart to join together for God’s glory and mutual benefit. It is to make a pledge to become part of the family at Bethel and it declares a willingness to serve the Vision and Leadership of the House. Membership is between the congregation’s members, one with another, and the congregation’s leaders and members.

To hear The Importance of Belonging & Being Known, click HERE to watch Part 1 of Joining the Family. To learn what it means to become a member of Bethel, watch Pastor David below. Then go ahead and download our Membership Packet. In there is much information, along with an application if you are ready to call Bethel home. With any questions, contact us at

New to Bethel? Plan Your Visit We look forward to meeting you.