RocReach is the corporate outreach initiative of Bethel Christian Fellowship.
Part of Bethel’s vision is to reach out to those in the city of Rochester with the love of Christ, hence RocReach. Currently, we are focused on two main ministries: Adopt-A-Block and the various events we host at Tacoma Playground in the Edgerton Area. Our mission is to reveal Christ’s love and demonstrate His power everywhere we go.


This is a monthly outreach to the residents of Manhattan Square & Savannah Towers, downtown. Volunteers are always welcome! Come and serve when you can. We meet every third Saturday of the month in the Body Shop at 8:45am. After a time of prayer, we make our way to the Towers to give, serve, and pray for the residents. You can come one time, or for however long of a commitment you’d like to make. Donations are also welcome. You can bring a 50 oz. yellow bottle of Arm & Hammer laundry detergent on Sunday mornings to the AAB table in front of the sanctuary, or give a financial donation on our Giving page.

Edgerton: Tacoma Playground

God has given us a heart for the City, and in particular, the Edgerton area on Rochester’s west side. He’s also given us a vision. Pray with us as we continue to move forward in that vision and for that neighborhood. In the meantime, we’re building relationships with Bringing CHRISTmas home, Treats in a Trunk, and RocFest. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

Bringing CHRISTmas Home

Christmas, for us, is all about revealing Christ’s love. And since we have a heart for these neighborhoods, it’s seems right that we bring CHRISTmas to them. On Christmas Eve, after our Sunday morning service, we’ll head out to the Edgerton/Tacoma Playground area and The Towers to bless the residents with gift bags and a simple reminder that someone is praying for them. We’ll be distributing 300 bags, with 100 volunteers. For more information, call the church office at 585-232-1136.

Treats in a Trunk

Our Candy Parade, where kids go from trunk to trunk collecting candy. On October 31 we purpose to be a Light on a dark day and bless the kids in the Tacoma Playground neighborhood. That night we see over 400 people, give away almost as many Lifebooks and hundreds of pounds of candy, talk to many families, and leave a deposit of God’s love.


This is our annual Block Party. We basically take over Tacoma Playground and bless the families with fun stuff for the kids, music, give-a-ways, food, etc. Rocsfest happens during the summer